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The Show

Hacks & Wonks is a podcast and radio show hosted by political consultant Crystal Fincher who talks with Policy Wonks and Political Hacks to gather insight into local politics and policy in Washington state through the lens of those doing the work, with behind-the-scenes perspectives on what's happening, why it's happening and what you can about it.

We go beyond soundbites and horserace narratives. We explore issues and power dynamics in detail and discuss specific actions that people can take within their communities to create change.

In every episode, political consultant Crystal Fincher and a guest dive into not only what is happening now, but how we got here. We aim to talk about the effect of politics and policy on the entire community, including those who have traditionally been overlooked and disenfranchised.

Hacks & Wonks is broadcast on KODX 96.9 FM and available on your favorite podcast player.

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The Team

Crystal Fincher


Crystal Fincher is the Founder and Principal of Fincher Consulting, an award-winning political consulting firm that crafts winning strategies and potent communications for issue and independent-expenditure campaigns that build a more equitable and sustainable future.

Crystal has served on the City of Kent Land Use & Planning Board and currently serves on the boards of The Urbanist and Institute for a Democratic Future.

You can follow her on Twitter.

Dr. Shannon Cheng

Producer & Researcher

Dr. Shannon Cheng is the Chair of People Power Washington, a grassroots volunteer organization which champions policies that divest from police and reinvest in community-based solutions and alternate crisis response, decriminalize non-serious offenses, and implement accountability and enforceable standards for police officers and agencies. People Power Washington was instrumental in the passage of the 2020 King County charter amendments to reform public safety, and continues to be involved with public safety advocacy in the City of Seattle, King County, and Washington State Legislature. She is also a member of the Washington Coalition for Police Accountability which advocates for state-wide policies to reduce police violence and increase accountability.

Shannon also works on computational lighting technology, strives to be a better orienteer, and enjoys exploring the world in an adventure truck with her husband and her cat.