Election 2020 - Listen


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A portrait of Gale Tarleton.

Interview With Gael Tarleton

Representative Gael Tarleton and candidate for Secretary of State thinks secure elections and voter access and registration are paramount, and that our state could be doing better.

Interview With Carolyn Ladd

Carolyn Ladd is a candidate for King County Superior Court, Position 30.

Referendum 90 Discussion

Listen to a discussion to get to the heart of what R-90 is meant to do, and dispel some myths surrounding it.

Kirsten Harris-Talley stands in front of a yellow wall, smiling.

Interview with Kirsten Harris-Talley

Get to know the candidate for State Representative for the 37th District, Kirsten Harris-Talley.

A portrait of Justice G. Helen Whitener.

Interview With Justice G. Helen Whitener

Justice G. Helen Whitener is running to retain her seat on our state’s highest court.

Sherae Lascelles sits on some old stone steps, looking up at the camera.

Interview With Sherae Lascelles

What does a political campaign fighting for stigmatized communities look like?