Week in Review: September 24, 2021 - Marco Lowe

Week in Review: September 24, 2021 - Marco Lowe

Today on the show, Marco Lowe, Professor at Seattle University’s Institute for Public Service, joins Crystal to discuss the extension of the eviction moratorium, the vital importance of keeping people housed, the departure of Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff, City Council candidate Sara Nelson caught in a lie regarding laying off workers at Fremont Brewing, new polling in the Seattle mayoral elections, the increasing impact of climate disasters, and developments in the carpenters’ union strike in our state.

About the Guest

Find Marco Lowe on Twitter/X at @MarcoLowe.


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Crosscut-Elway Poll for the 2021 Seattle General Election: /content/files/sites/default/files/files/crosscutelway_0921.pdf

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Joe Mizrahi Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/Joe_Miz/status/1441250734150803474